Blue Mountain Pressure Washing is Your Top Choice
to Renew Brick and Concrete Surfaces

Improve All Your Hardscapes

Do you have a patio that is badly stained? A retaining wall with algae or moss? A driveway that has seen the worst of salt, oil and leaf staining?

Your hardscapes are a functional and stylistic part of your property – a huge part of your curb appeal.

We use soft-washing plus the best biodegradable cleaning solutions to remove buildup of dirt, grime, grease, rust, slippery spills and bacteria.

Restore not only cleanliness but beauty to outdoor living spaces, and provide your home with areas to enjoy in any season.

Our team delivers a final product that gives beautiful results and professional polish for your property.


See Blue Mountain in Action!

The Result?

You’ll have spotless concrete and brick… Without chewing gum, vehicle oil, or other unwanted extras!

Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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