Protect the Value and Appearance of Your Home with  Blue Mountain’s Quality House Washing Service

Eliminate “The Uglies”

Black streaks, green patches, dark stains and spots are a common sight on homes. These unsightly marks are caused by a fungus that has taken root.

And while these streaks and patches are ugly, it’s more important to know that they come with a threat of property damage because the surfaces they attack deteriorate. AND they can cause health risks, like respiratory problems (sneezing, coughing, runny noses, and allergies).

We Use Proven Technology

Using the latest soft-washing processes, professional grade equipment, and quality specialized cleaning solutions, we will safely and gently deep clean your home’s exterior.

Our pressure washing system cleans in a manner that is both environmentally safe, and highly effective. We never use high-pressure water flow that can do damage to the surface of your home, drive water behind the siding, and raise roofing edges. We use very low water pressure to apply the cleaning agent, and then gently rinse the exterior of your home. As a final step, your home will be rinsed again using a water-softening agent that will help minimize water spots on your windows.

The Results are Clear

A Blue Mountain house wash cleans and sanitizes your home’s exterior, washing away dirt, grime, pollution, bird droppings, insects, mold, mildew and bacteria. We will leave your home sparkling clean and beautiful.

You will love the way your home looks after cleaning!  Because we get to the root of the problems that caused the growth in the first place – and neutralize them – your house will stay cleaner longer.

We do everything that we can to minimize disruption to your daily routine. Your satisfaction is our main concern.

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